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  • E-Certificate Solution
Online Certification Issue System can be used for issuing and printing out documents at home via internet.
- Creates 2D Barcode storing digital signature and original data
- Verifies the documents via smartphone and scans the code even in the offline mode
- Displays original data on the smartphone screen after verifying the digital signature and decoding it
  • Solution for Visually Impaired People
Solutions (S/W, H/W) for enhancing information accessibility for visually impaired and senior people
- Voiceye Maker (S/W)
- Voiceye Life (H/W)
  • ID Card and Credit Card Verification
- By incorporation of VOICEYE Code into the design of your ID cards, licenses or other credentials, it is immediately possible to verify the original data even in an offline mode using any smartphone.
  • Automatic Data Entry
Using the VOICEYE Code helps you to save time and money thanks to;
- Automatic data entry
- Automatic data transfer even in an offline mode