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VOICYE, inc.

VOICEYE, Inc. has been continuously successful since its foundation in 2003.

VOICEYE Code Solution, as one of the main business areas of VOICEYE, Inc.
is about allowing the blind and visually impaired people to access any printed information
using 2-dimensional code technology. VOICEYE Code Solution is also described as
the revolutionary way to make printed information accessible for those
who are blind and visually impaired.

The VOICEYE code can store up to 2 pages of plain TEXT in a 2.5 square centimeter
(1 square inch) area, allowing the blind and visually impaired people to access
this information immediately via their smartphone without an internet or
phone connection, because the code itself contains the data and is able to
use this data at any time.

In South Korea VOICEYE Code has been registered as the national
standard code for the blind. The Korean government has adopted
VOICEYE Solution on its official documents by Korean Law such as
social security information, electricity, water and local tax
bills and so on.

The VOICEYE code solution is spreading around the world not
only because of its convenient accessibility and functionality
for the blind and visually impaired but also because of its
ability to detect forgery of legal and official documents.